About Veera Training ans Standards

Veera Yadav is a versatile professional with a multifaceted skill set and a passion for holistic well-being. Holding a certification in YOGA from SVYASA UNIVERSITY, he specializes in promoting physical and mental health through yogic practices. Veera further expands his holistic healing capabilities with certifications in CHAKRA HEALING and ACCUPRESSURE from Vishwa Poornima Yoga Center. Currently pursuing a Diploma in Advanced Naturopathy from the INDIAN INSTITUTE OF SKILL DEVELOPMENT and a Diploma in Nutrition and Diet from MYSORE UNIVERSITY, he aims to provide comprehensive wellness guidance.

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In the IT domain, Veera is a dedicated and accomplished Java Full Stack Developer with expertise in Data Science, AI, and ML. His proficiency extends to Python development, covering both back-end and front-end technologies like JavaScript, React, Angular, Node, and Bootstrap. Veera's database management skills include Oracle SQL, MongoDB, Postgres, and MySQL. Veera is a fluent communicator in English, Telugu, Hindi, and Kannada, making him a well-rounded professional poised for success in both wellness and technology spheres.

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